About us

This is something I've wanted to do for years...
In May 2013 I made the decision with my husbands support to pursue my passion of creativity. I converted our guest room in our Texas home into a paint studio, and got to work.
My husband had a couple of pallets stacked in the garage, so we came up with the idea to recycle them and create some signs out of them. I started making signs and decor for friends and family. Then I started selling them on Etsy, and quickly decided we wanted to branch out further.
It wasn't long before my husband joined in on the creativity and found his niche in creating new and even custom signs out of recycled pallets. He even got our 5 year old daughter helping out.
In December 2015 we packed up and moved from Texas to Iowa. My husband was offered a new job, and we moved the whole operation with us.
We have enjoyed running our Etsy shop because not only are we able to find uses for recycled items, but we get to enjoy working on these projects as a family. Each item that we offer is hand-made and hand-painted. We don't use any graphic cutting machines or vinyl stencils. Everything is cut and painted by hand.
Our process is pretty simple. Once an order is placed, my husband gets to work Building the sign in his "workshop" (our garage). Once he finished the sign it comes to me to be painted and stained in my studio. After that we package the sign in recycled cardboard and take it to the post office for shipping.
We take pride in each piece that we do, and enjoy the pictures and responses we get from each customer, but the most rewarding part of it all is getting to do something as a family that we all enjoy. Thank you so much for being a part of our success!! God Bless!!